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Evan Rosier
26 September 2011 @ 06:56 pm
part i.
Character name: Evan Rosier
Fandom: Harry Potter
Species: wizard
Character powers: MAGIC.

part ii.
1.) Is it acceptable for your character to be mind-controlled or persuaded? How susceptible are they to mind control, hypnotism, or suggestion?
Yes! He was not good at legilimency. Probably someone tried to teach it to him as a matter of Death Eating course, but he did not take to it. Feel free.
2.) Is it acceptable for your character to have their mind read? Does this include traumatic memories? What is their mind like (disturbing, orderly, joyful, surprisingly empty, etc.)? If the character has psychic walls or preventative measures against psychic interference, please explain.
Yes, go ahead! He doesn't really have traumatic memories, per se, in that they aren't traumatic to him but may be disturbing to the mind reader. He has killed and tortured a lot of people without feeling very badly about it. And his mind is kind of divided on a lot of things. He's one person playing at being another thing, and somewhere along the line he began to lose track of which was what he really felt and which was merely farce.
3.) Are thoughts mentioned in narration acceptable for a telepath to pick up?
Yes, go ahead!
4.) What about emotions, in the case of an empath? What sort of general emotional reading would such a character receive from yours?
Sure! He's not terribly emotional but it's still within the normal range of human emotion. He has some sociopathic tendencies, especially when it comes to being callous, but he's not totally without empathy.
5.) Are there any aspects of your character's mind, emotions, or memories you would like to be picked up, mentioned, or used in character? Conversely, is there anything that should not be noticed, or at least never mentioned?
Can't think of anything right now!

part iii.
1.) Physically speaking, what stands out about your character? Imposing size? Physical scarring? Tattoos?
He is not imposing! Pretty average, kind of skinny, actually. He does have a Death Eater tattoomarkthingy on his left forearm, but that is almost always covered.
2.) Is your character immune to any of the following: poisons, chemical agents, telekinetic influence, radiation, or types of illnesses?
3.) Is your character physiologically different from a human in any way? This can include their blood, skin, hair, et cetera being made up of something unusual or simply differing in construction and durability.
Uh... not really? Apparently magic is or can be somewhat hereditary, but the degree to which it is, and the degree to which it matters, is seriously exaggerated by the pureblooded community.
4.) Are you amenable to having your character be harmed in any way? How far are you comfortable with injury to you character going? Does this include being fed on by vampires, willingly or unwillingly?
Please feel free!
5.) Is it acceptable for other characters with abilities of shapeshifting or disguise to imitate your character? Does this include ability mimicry?

part iv.
1.) Can your character's presence or aura be noticed by other characters, and how would it look/feel to them? How would it manifest to a character with no supernatural abilities, if at all?
It is free to be noticed by characters sensitive to such things! I don't think non-sensitive people would pick up anything. As to how his presence/aura would look or feel, uh. I don't know. Probably not very distinctive or significant. He's a good dueler but he's not ~bursting with magic~ or anything.
2.) Can your character be affected by magic spells and curses?
3.) Can your character be affected by sin and corruption, and be tempted toward expressing their darker urges (of whatever flavor)?
Definitely! He leans in that direction a little anyway.
4. What sort of sins is the character prone toward, and how might they best be tempted, if you are interested in such an event?
Lust, sloth, envy, greed... heck, any of the big seven other than wrath, really. He's not especially angry.
5.) Are you amenable to the character receiving prophetic visions, including as part of a plot?

part v.
1.) Is canon-puncturing or fourth-walling acceptable? We encourage people to tread extremely lightly with allowing their character to learn they are fictional.
It's fine if you must.
2. Is threadjacking allowed? Under what circumstances?
Please feel free, any time.
3. Is it acceptable for canonmates that are updated further than yours to inform your character of events yours has not yet experienced?
4. Are there triggering or upsetting topics you would like other characters to avoid mentioning to yours for the sake of continued comfort (racist words, homophobia, self-injury, etc.)?
Can't think of anything.
Evan Rosier
22 September 2011 @ 05:49 pm
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Evan Rosier
08 December 2010 @ 11:36 pm
Evan likes suits, but he also likes to be shirtless.

He is still creeped out by regular magazines with people that don't move.

Once upon a time, he had a boyish crush on Narcissa Black (now Malfoy).

Actually, he is a very capable legal assistant and knows wizarding laws in and out. (This is going to cause me no end of problems.)

His favorite foods are all desserts.

His best subjects at Hogwarts were Charms and DADA. His worst subjects were History of Magic and Herbology.

Though he didn't make the team at school, he's okay at quidditch; he plays chaser or keeper.

He's discovered boxed wine in Bete Noire, and after laughing a lot, bought like six.
Evan Rosier
15 May 2006 @ 12:32 pm

Excuse me while I go kill my family and set the house ablaze.

I was better that that. I am better than that, damn it. I've been good, not as good as I might have been but I haven't done the things I could have done! I've behaved! I've behaved exactly as all the other Pureblood prats behave, I just don't bother to lie about it! And this! I'm not even going to make it INTO the war at this rate, I'll just KEEL OVER when some BLOODY AUROR WHO LIKELY JUST GOT OUT THE ACADEMY ...

Any man, when confronted with his mortality — you may take his measure from his reaction. And are you taking this? I'm fucking well pissed off. What has this been for? Every man and woman of us would say, "I'm one of the best there is," but make NO fucking mistake, I was. I am. And I'll have a son. I wouldn't have gotten to raise him, but I would've gotten to see him every now and then, I would've heard of his accomplishments and bought him a birthday present and gone to his wedding even if he married that abominable Parkinson girl. I would have kept my mouth shut all those years, right up until I keeled over due to a backfiring experimental rune or something inane like that, and I would've left him something from us, the Rosiers, damn what his mother would have said. And he'd probably be a little berk who wouldn't appreciate it, but that's what children are for! Not appreciating the same things you didn't appreciate, but maybe learning in time it was the bloody thought that counted!

But I suppose I might as well die young. He said Bellatrix identified me. I take it I was in large, recognizable pieces, then. He also said she screamed the Manor down but I think he was just being melodramatic. I've rarely given my cousins any reason to scream at all. It seems strange they would start after I'm dead.

Better draw up a last will and testament. Then go maim the fuck out of some poor amateur duellist. Then I suppose drink into a stupor. Funny how life loses its savor once you're really fucking pissed off about how you're going to die.
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Evan Rosier
22 April 2006 @ 09:08 am
Oh dear.

Of course I am, ah, delighted that this younger version of a great man whom my father made sure I was acquainted with shows much more interest in his interpersonal relationships, and it is so warming to see his concern for others in action. It is just that, somehow, most likely through my own experiences with the man who in my world is undoubtedly vastly different from this younger man in more than just appearance, I feel a touch of dread in association with these actions. Why, I cannot divine; for I certainly have no relevance to the situation at hand, nor any invested interest, and yet the feeling remains.

On a lighter note, Anton is one hell of a lucky man. Obviously I oughtn't've tugged Bella's braids so often when we were younger.
Evan Rosier
17 April 2006 @ 08:03 pm

Seem to remember being rocked to sleep by a giant snake while flamingos hung about and looked enticing.

Perhaps will not buy that brand of firewhiskey again.
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Evan Rosier
08 April 2006 @ 10:52 pm
I wonder how exact these strange little talky box Divinatory quizzes are.

After you die...

After death, you will become an enraged poltergeist. You will choose not to follow the light, but instead torment whoever happens to co-exist in the same space as you. Your anger will never diminish, but you will find solace in destroying expensive china.

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com

Right, so don't off me unless you want me to haunt your house for generations to come. You've been warned.
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Evan Rosier
04 April 2006 @ 12:27 am
I am not clear on the ethics of interfering with the lives of people from other universes. But it hasn't stopped anybody else, so it won't stop me.