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Excuse me while I go kill my family and set the house ablaze.

I was better that that. I am better than that, damn it. I've been good, not as good as I might have been but I haven't done the things I could have done! I've behaved! I've behaved exactly as all the other Pureblood prats behave, I just don't bother to lie about it! And this! I'm not even going to make it INTO the war at this rate, I'll just KEEL OVER when some BLOODY AUROR WHO LIKELY JUST GOT OUT THE ACADEMY ...

Any man, when confronted with his mortality — you may take his measure from his reaction. And are you taking this? I'm fucking well pissed off. What has this been for? Every man and woman of us would say, "I'm one of the best there is," but make NO fucking mistake, I was. I am. And I'll have a son. I wouldn't have gotten to raise him, but I would've gotten to see him every now and then, I would've heard of his accomplishments and bought him a birthday present and gone to his wedding even if he married that abominable Parkinson girl. I would have kept my mouth shut all those years, right up until I keeled over due to a backfiring experimental rune or something inane like that, and I would've left him something from us, the Rosiers, damn what his mother would have said. And he'd probably be a little berk who wouldn't appreciate it, but that's what children are for! Not appreciating the same things you didn't appreciate, but maybe learning in time it was the bloody thought that counted!

But I suppose I might as well die young. He said Bellatrix identified me. I take it I was in large, recognizable pieces, then. He also said she screamed the Manor down but I think he was just being melodramatic. I've rarely given my cousins any reason to scream at all. It seems strange they would start after I'm dead.

Better draw up a last will and testament. Then go maim the fuck out of some poor amateur duellist. Then I suppose drink into a stupor. Funny how life loses its savor once you're really fucking pissed off about how you're going to die.
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