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Out of Character Information
Name: Jillian
Username: dayofjudah
Are you over the age of eighteen? y
Current characters in Baedal: Rodolphus Lestrange, St. John Allerdyce, Balthazar

In Character Information
Character Name: Evan Rosier
Username: last_libertine
Fandom: Harry Potter
Played By: Kevin Flamme
Icon: http://l-userpic.livejournal.com/43577055/9782286

Canon Character Section
Physical Description: A young Caucasian man in his early twenties with short dark hair and dark eyes, Evan Rosier is about 5'10" with a slim, soft build. His face is expressive and usually friendly; his demeanor is dynamic and affected. The way he smiles and talks has a touch of artificial effete, a sharp and cocky sociability expressed through careful flamboyance. His clothing tends to fit well, though "fashionable" is not always an easy judgment to make in a culture like Baedal's. He prefers to wear things that are tailored, and he's become accustomed to forgoing a robe, wearing instead a long coat or jacket. The colors are usually dark but are on occasion flashy or garish. He almost always wears something with long sleeves, however, as the Death Eater's mark on his left forearm does not take glamors or illusions very well.
Sexuality: As his journal name suggests, Evan is a bit of a libertine. While he does consider sex recreational and has a severe allergy to committment, he is also picky as hell, choosing his partners for power as much as pleasure. He is in some ways a parody of the fandom stereotype of the posh, promiscuous, flamboyant Slytherin. But in fact, though bisexual, he ranks about a 2 on the Kinsey scale, exhibiting a general preference for women, with whom he's more experienced. He's capable of acting just as interested in anyone he thinks would be of use to him, however, and even taking pleasure in it, but it is not his preference, just a means to an end. The one essential quality any of his partners must have is wit, though for image purposes, it's unlikely he would let himself be seen dating a conventionally unattractive person. That said, he does have a type for both men and women: he likes blond, leggy women, or, in a sadly telling display of narcissism, guys with a more polished appearance.
History: The Harry Potter Wiki entry is quite short and contains no details of anything besides his death, so I will ~spin a tale~ for you. This will include his history from BN.

Born the first and only child of a declining family, Evan Rosier was doted upon and utterly spoiled. His mother, Druella, was the sister of Bellatrix, Narcissa, and Andromeda Black's mother, and since they are related to Sirius and Regulus, then Evan is too, if probably more distantly. Growing up, he was a pretty big brat, and liked Narcissa and Regulus best out of all his cousins. School did not improve his attitude. He was sorted to Slytherin, as everyone expected of him and as he expected of himself, and was, overall, a pretty good student. It's true that he wasn't as hard-working as he might have been, preferring to instead rely on his intelligence and quick wits, but the subjects he was interested in did receive due diligence, such as DADA and Charms. As he got older, he did not question his place in life very much, nor did he give much thought to the concept of blood superiority. It was what he had always been taught and he did buy into it — still does, in fact, but he's neither obsessive nor vehement about it. Severus, after all, was a half-blood, and he would readily admit Snape is much better than him at any number of things. But Bellatrix is also, so to him, that is the rule and Severus is the exception.

The Rosier family was not impoverished, but they were not as rich nor as prominent as they used to be. It came as no surprise to Evan that they would marry Narcissa off to Lucius Malfoy. He hadn't even tried to propose a match between them, despite his feelings for her. Evan was eager to make a name for himself and bring back some prestige. Accordingly, joining the Death Eaters seemed exactly the thing to do, and his parents were both proud and encouraging, because they were idiots. He was a member before he left Hogwarts, and became a legal clerk when he did, but much of his time was given to the secret order, as well as practicing dueling. Though considered quite good, especially for his age, he was not a match for Bellatrix, nor, as it turned out, Moody. As time went on, however, he found himself forced to admit that many of his fellow Death Eaters were a little, uh. Fucknuts crazy, shall we say. Also some were stupid and snobby and even more terrible than himself, which he had always known but never minded until he realized that when they were done with England, they would be all that was left. And that he couldn't speak out against them, even to just mock them like he usually did, because dissent was now dangerous and ill-advised. A better person might have looked at the situation and thought, "This is shitty. I've got to get out of this." Evan, however, looked at it and thought, "This is shitty. How can I make the best of it?" Because he didn't think they could be changed, or that anything could be done to oppose them, he reasoned that being at the top of the shitpile was preferable to being at the bottom. All his life, people had praised him for doing awful things and being the most awful of the awful. This was, after all, what he was good at, so he stayed a Death Eater, he tortured and killed without complaint, and he kept his eyes on the prize.

A man like him might just have easily have chosen to surrender and "betray" Voldemort when the time came, but he chose to fight to the death. Why is not an easy question, and not one he's good at answering, for that matter. But the fact is, a part of him was disgusted at himself and what he'd freely chosen to do. A part of him was frustrated and cynical about his chances of making it, and if he'd even be happy with what he got if and when he did make it. He'd gone so far and done so many horrible things that giving up and being slung into Azkaban did not seem like the better choice. These are things he will never really admit to himself, not even now that he's alive and more or less out of Voldemort's power, because doing so will be admitting he was wrong and did monstrous things for the wrong reason — that he was and is a terrible person, not any better and in fact arguably much worse than someone like Bellatrix, who is after all crazy. Rodolphus doesn't care and could never be rehabilitated. Evan has the potential, but he would rather die than admit it. He remains loyal because Voldemort is scary as fuck and he can never, ever get rid of the mark on his arm or make up for the things he's done. He's never even confronted that fact, though, and exists in this place of airy, flippant denial. That is the kind of person he was in Bete Noire, especially once he'd arrived and inadvertantly sort of befriended Percy Weasley. The redheadedness really should have given the ZOMG BLOOD TRAITOR WEASLEY part away but at that time, there hadn't been many wizards around and he decided it was better to have a Weasley around than none at all. Later, he would be outed by Sirius and the others, and declare that he was repentant and trying to ~make amends~ and be a better person who doesn't kill people. That has the weird distinction of being a total lie that is sort of true. In his mind, it was a lie because his self-interest ranks much higher than his loyalty to the cause, and it was clearly the only position he could take, but OBVIOUSLY if Voldemort showed up and the Death Eater thing started up again, he'd be there. It was also true on two levels: the more shallow, because as long as Voldemort didn't show up, well, he had no intention of going around killing, torturing, or terrorizing people. And on a deeper level, he actually and sincerely really didn't want to do all that again. It just can't be ignored that he WOULD, if he had to, "had to" in this case being defined as "if Voldemort showed up again."

BN gamecanon means, in a nutshell, that he's 1) slightly more accustomed to non-magic things like cars, clothing style, some basic terminology, and some technology 2) reasonably friendly to non-magic people 3) aware of some things that happened after his death. He had sort of befriended Percy Weasley, which was awkward for both of them, and then he'd fallen in with Carmilla, with whom he was charmed, in a strange SURE I'LL PLAY VALET FOR YOU way. Also he thinks Tony Stark is weird.
Powers: As a Potterverse wizard, Evan is capable of using his wand to perform a multitude of useful and occasionally deadly spells, a list of which can be found here. Spells do not have to be spoken to be cast but it helps. He is an excellent dueller, though not good enough to prevent himself from getting killed by Moody, and also not as good as Bellatrix.
Talents/Abilities: His best subjects at school were Charms and DADA, and he also did well, if not remarkably so, at Transfiguration, Potions, and Ancient Runes. He was shit at History and Herbology. While he never tried out for the team, he's actually a decent quidditch player, when he's chaser or keeper. When he wasn't Death Eating, he was a legal assistant at a law firm; he can speak French fluently, and a bit of German.
Personality: AMBITION. Evan, in his time with the Death Eaters, was interested in power, not the anti-muggle propaganda. He was the first and only son of a fading house, determined to bring prestige to his family. At the same time, he was increasingly disillusioned with the way the "old guard" ran things and the various hypocrasies of the pureblooded class. They were tiresome as fuck, but they were the system, they were the way to make it, so he went along.

APATHY. It's a complicated subject fraught with controversy, but in general, Evan didn't give a crap who was muggleborn or not. To him, it meant you were backward and more than likely not as good as a normal wizard, and certainly pureblooded were to be given preference over muggleborn or halfblooded, but he wasn't interested in killing everyone. Then again, if that had to be the case in order to climb the ladder, so be it. As a Death Eater he killed and tortured just as many people as his comrades.

RUTHLESSNESS. Because Evan will do what needs doing, no problem. Even when he didn't really believe the dogma, he killed and tortured muggles and muggleborn wizards. It was not a "just doing my job" mentality, but a "sacrifices must be made" one with a touch of sociopathy (confirmed traits: glibness and superficial charm, lack of remorse/shame/guilt, some shallow emotions, some need for stimulation, callousness/lack of empathy, sometimes impulsive, minor juvenile delinquency, somewhat irresponsible, promiscuous, criminal versatility). He wanted to be powerful and influential, and becoming a trusted Death Eater was the way to become so.

ROMANCE IS DEAD (MOSTLY). An incorrigible flirt who liked to go all out chasing girls, he enjoyed playing the part of a romantic while simultaneously being nothing of the sort. It was all a form of entertainment for himself, and he was a practiced charmer. He did have a lingering childhood crush on his cousin, Narcissa Black, which was why he never seriously chased her. She wasn't to be part of his games. His experiences with other males were never to the same magnitude and much more covert, mostly confusing encounters that didn't often repeat themselves.

MASKS. He's spent most of his life pretending to be something else out of duty or loyalty or ambition. A rebellious libertine pretending to be a dutiful son, an indifferent yet power-hungry minion pretending to believe in bloodline discrimination, a disillusioned cynic pretending to be a romantic, or maybe it's all the other way around. Or maybe it's more a matter of contrasts than disguises, but what Evan practices and what he preaches are often two different things.

PRIDE IS A DOUBLE OR MAYBE TRIPLE-EDGED SWORD. On the surface, the flamboyant mannerisms and snooty upbringing do lend themselves to holding the semblance of pride. Evan is careful about his appearance, he is somewhat studious, he comports himself well when appropriate (... most of the time). But that's the persona, which is also silly, vain, and shallow. He acts like that because he would like to give the impression pride isn't important to him. It is, of course. He is proud of his family and his lineage, even if he recognizes the silliness of it and is thus flippant and derisive about them; he is proud of his abilities and accomplishments despite knowing they could be more and better, and while simply insulting them to his face will most likely not get a rise out of him, there are still ways to make him angry and disgruntled by making him feel unvalued or not good enough.

IT IS EASY TO BE CRUEL OR KIND. Both come easily to him, and neither necessarily mean much. He treats friends and romantic interests well, until it serves him not to; he has killed and tortured without enjoyment but without being much disturbed by it either. In BN, he once ran into Sirius, who had rejected his offer of a truce (justifiably!), and despite seeing that Sirius was in a very bad position at that time (mourning Remus' death, obviously looking for a fight even though Sirius had no wand), he chose not to do anything mean and instead made Sirius get drunk to distract him. There was never any intention of killing or wounding him physically, as Sirius had several friends around (if not actually present during the scene), but Evan could have just as easily chosen to taunt or emotionally fuck with Sirius without much in the way of negative consequences, and either would have been entirely IC. It was definitely a better tactical move to be pleasant, but even if there would have been no advantages to it, he may still have chosen to play nice. It was whim and a natural inclination towards pleasant behavior. It could have easily turned nasty.

FEARLESSNESS IS A HABIT. He's not actually fearless. He's not stupid, after all. He is very afraid, for instance, of Voldemort. Less so of Bellatrix, but sensibly wary of her, certainly. Most other things in life, however, he faces with a smile. It used to be a stupid, young, I'M GOING TO LIVE FOREVER!!!! kind of thing. That stopped pretty quickly, even well before he became a Death Eater and started killing people. But that's about when it developed into something more fatalistic. He saw how easily people could die, and how little Voldemort actually valued his followers. His goal changed from "I'm going to win back prestige for my family" to "well I'm not going to get shit on by everyone else, I'M going to do the shitting, by god" and this was, well, dispiriting, even if his nature was not inclined to despair. He started to feel like it didn't matter if he lived or died, and in the end, he was right.

TROLOLOLING AROUND. If Evan has any hero, it's Wilde. He doesn't share Wilde's literary prowess, but the attitude and the affection and general philosophy toward people and beauty and life, yes. He's sassy as fuck, he hits on people he probably shouldn't — and it is 100% an act. ... Okay, well, after many years of acting like this, it is 80% an act. He does it because he thinks it's funny, and because acting like a pouf makes people underestimate him. And because it annoys certain kinds of people, which is very nearly his purpose in life. Naturally he toned it down for Death Eating, but in his everyday life, he was flippant, he was awful, he played the fool for other people's entertainment and rarely minded it.

WE ARE WHAT WE PRETEND TO BE. Alas, as alluded to above, pretend to be a vain, silly idiot for too long, and you may start internalizing those qualities to the point where it's difficult to tell where farce stops and true traits begin. But Evan has been sobered by the experience of his death, and the relative freedom of Bete Noire. He's now had some practice at running his own business and acting like an actual adult for at least some small portion of the day.
Object: A never-ending bottle of pink champagne. If it ever breaks THAT'S IT, though.
Reason for playing: Evan is one of the more flamboyant characters I have, which entertains me in that he can get away with saying and doing things my other characters would never say or do. He's a cynic and a nihilist who also loves life and wants to get the most out of it. I also love playing him against Liisu's Narcissa, and assuming Samm is okay with the idea, he will try so hard to make the younger Narcissa love him, haha.
Gods: Possibly Carme, for Evan is a sort of performer, as well as a deviant. Evan has died once, so Eliandre could have an interest. Evan does like to fight, so Gediron is also a possibility, but he is not a loyal soldier. Shada because of magic, of course, and Evan does like sleeping around. Rundas might be interested in his sense of humor, his willingness to gamble, and the fact he walks alone.

Writing Samples

First-Person Network Post: A BN post in which Evan lies a whole lot.
First-Person Journal Post: I was never in the habit of keeping a journal in grade school, but I mysteriously have one now, so I may as well. Might as well start my memoirs, too, seeing as I'm fucking dead. Therefore, let us begin properly. I, Evan Rosier, the second of his name, was born May 23, 1959. No siblings. Just a big pompous fool of a father and a simpering if well-meaning mess of a mother. God, this memoir business is boring. Or is it just me? I wonder what they put on my tombstone. "Evan Rosier: lived as he died, blowing chunks out of people's noses". "Evan Rosier: nailed 3/5 Slytherin girls of his year". No, how about, "Evan Rosier: no good at this self-reflection business".

This is all assuming I really am dead. A minor but troubling detail, considering I would be fifty bloody years old were I alive today. But I've exhibited an equally troubling lack of a tendency to float through objects, or a desire to consume blood, leaving ... very few possibilities regarding my continued existence indeed.

This memoir is shite.

Third-Person Arrival Post: One moment, he'd been pouring a drink. The next, without even having blinked, Evan is sure, here he is, pouring pink champagne on the floor of a room he's never even seen before. Always conscientious about such things, he quickly rights the bottle and, at a loss for anything else to do, sticks the cork back in. What a horrible little room. Someone's carved don't panic into one of the tiles and it's the kind of scrupulously clean that means it sees lots of traffic and will quickly become scrubby again. As if lots of people just pop into existence here! And then what, leave by the door? He tries it, but it's locked. There's one of those fiddly muggle technology things on the table. It doesn't look anything like what he'd used in Bete Noire but it seems to do roughly the same thing. He glances over the most recent posts, then tries a pamphlet. It's exceedingly boring, but he reads it thoroughly, and then all the different versions available, drinking all the while.

Funny how the bottle doesn't seem to be getting any lighter, but that's not really on his mind. Do other worlds like him that much? He suspects it's got less to do with his personality and more to do with his... lack of anchor. Which is never a comfortable thing to think about, but he's had plenty of time to confront his mortality, and maybe this is all there is. Endless worlds. This one has the courtesy to come with pamphlets and alcohol.

But not, he realizes suddenly, his wand. Why on earth does he have champagne and not his wand? Where has it gone? The impulse to turn on that communicator thing and demand its return is quickly squashed. No need to let people know he's practically defenseless.
Third-Person Action Post: An adventure from BN! The one where people shrank and got attached by hornets.

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